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These special blends were uniquely made to support the energies of the zodiac signs. As someone who has been passionate about both herbal medicine and Astrology for so many years now, it was an absolute pleasure putting these blends together. For beginners you don't need to know much more than your Sun sign, but for those who want to stregnthen specific areas in their chart, you can take it a step further. Each blend was made with the sign characteristics in mind to help support what is constantly being used and needing to be rebalanced.


For example: Capricorn energy is consistently working hard towards it's goals, often times with little to no breaks. Ruled by Saturn, this sign is structured, and disciplined to its core , like a well oiled machine that works to efficiency. With this in mind, the herbs selected for this blend had mental focus and healing of the physical body in mind. especially the bones and joints as Capricorns tend to literally and figuratively take a lot of work on to their shoulders and their bodies may suffer for it if not properly nourished.


*You may notice that there is an additional blend labeled "Ophiuchus" I am a 13 sign Astronomical Astrologist, meaning I use a system that goes off of the actual placements of the planets in the sky, and the actual constellation sizes. Additionally, with that in mind, this means we have a 13th sign as the sun actually spends more days out of the year transiting Ophiuchus than it does Scorpio.

Tropical/Western astrology does not use the actual transitory path of the planets when calculating birth charts, nor it does use the actual constellation sizes. To make things an even number many years ago, Ophiuchus was also omitted from the calculations.


Vedic/Sidereal astrology does use the actual Constellation sizes, but does not include the 13th sign.


So what's the big fuss about Ophiuchus? Well, Ophiuchus is the sign of the healer and is a very influential placement to have. Those who have it in their chart have natural access to something much bigger than themselves that would be expressed through whatever planets fall into it's energy. People who carry Ophiuchus energy commonly know they are here for a certain purpose, and that purpose is typically related to the healing of themselves, and/or the healing of others. Ophiuchus is assimilated to both physical and spiritual healing, and it's not uncommon for someone with a planet in Ophiuchus to dedicate their lives to the art of healing in one way or another. Whether they are that person that just simply understands the laws of the universe without question, and models that behavior as best as they can for others to learn from, or they take any chance they get to give someone a pep talk about how to better their circumstances, these people are always making a difference in one way or another.


If you are interested in learning what your 13 Sign Chart there is a free chart calculator located on the homepage. You can also schedule a detailed reading in the "Healing Services" Tab.




Organic Zodiac Blends

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