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Wild Nature

Healing Services

It is my greatest intention that these services will  provide you with the guidance needed to help you along your healing journey...

Free 15 Min Consultation

Not sure exactly what you need? You can schedule a free 15 min consultation to speak to me and we can see what service option would be best for your unique healing journey.

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Relationship Alignment Session

(No Time Limit)

Relationships can be some of the most fulfilling things we create, and often times some of the most challenging. These sessions are designed to help you to understand the different aspects of a special person in your life to achieve balance in the partnership. We will focus on areas such as communication styles, emotional needs, love languages, energetic blockages, and life paths of both participants. This can be an incredible tool to bring insight to misunderstandings that you may be facing at times and to bring the relationship back into a harmonious state.


6 Week Holistic Mind Body & Soul Course

This six week course will cover many areas and will truly focus on Holistic Healing and improving the state of your mind, body, and soul. We will blend together nutrition, herbs, shadow work, energy healing and so much more! 

Topics discussed include:

Holistic Nutrition (How to use your food as medicine)

Comprehensive break down of Macro/Micro Nutrients 

Herbal Remedies

Removing toxins and what to replace them with

Shadow Work

Energy healing

Rewiring the Brain and Healing from Trauma and conditioning


All sessions will be held over Zoom, and we will meet every week to discuss a new topic. This gives ample opportunity for you to ask questions and personalize the course to your specific lifestyle and needs. Handouts will be provided as well.


Once course has been booked I will be reaching out to set your appointments, and do a consultation so we can personalize the course for you. If you have questions about this course please feel free to book a "Free 15 min Consultation" on my services page.


13 Sign Astrology Reading 

(No Time Limit)

Through the placement of the planets at the time you were born, we will go on a celestial journey to help you to understand what makes you uniquely YOU. We will focus on areas like Personality, Communication Style, Emotional Needs, Relationship Needs, Karmic Cycles, Life Path, Strengths, and Energetic Blockages. The purpose of this reading is to help you use the characteristics that make you amazing to work towards a fulfilling life, and to help you recognize and remove the societal conditioning that may be giving you a false understanding of you you are and what you "should" be. 


Spiritual Counseling Session

Sometime we flow through life beautifully, and sometimes we hit a wall and throw ourselves out of balance. While this is a very normal part of the human existence, it can serve to be quite frustrating at times. When this happens it can be helpful to acquire intuitive insight to guide you back onto your path. The purpose of this service is to provide you with that gentle nudge and outside perspective that you may need to get back into gear and bring you back into a state of confidence and positive flow.


Parent/Child Alignment Session

(No Time Limit)

As a parent, there is nothing more important in this world than understanding the needs of your child. This session focuses specifically on helping you to understand your child from an energetic perspective. We will compare the charts of both parent and child to help you relate to them on a deeper level. The main focuses will be Communication Styles, Emotional Needs, and Energetic blockages. The main intention is to facilitate the tools to help you and your child to have a beautifully flowing relationship.

*(Contact me privately to add additional children to the session for a discounted rate.)


(30 Minute) 13 Sign Astro Session

This is a quick intuitive astrology reading that will focus on a specific area of the chart to help bring you guidance to current struggles you are facing. 

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