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As an individual who has spent many years on my own healing journey, it is my whole hearted intention to teach tools that I have found to be beneficial in healing the mind, body, and soul from a holistic perspective. I understand that healing can only come from within, and when a person truly wants to heal they cannot be stopped.

Some very deeply want to heal, however, they do not yet know how to listen to themselves and thats where a teacher/guide can come in handy. I like to refer to myself as a lighthouse. People find me when they need guidance and are lost, and then I send them on their way on a path that will lead them to their desired destination.

The mind is more powerful than most would imagine, and when it is given the proper environment and support it has potential beyond belief.

My passion is in empowering others through my unique style of intuitive teaching. I don't do this work to create followers. I do it to create leaders.

- Corinna Stone

"I Invite You to Give Healing a Try..."

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