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Join us in

Jasper, AR


for a life changing experience!



Take a break from the constant pressures of daily life and focus inward!


During this 4 day, 3 night retreat we will place a tremendous amount of focus on our mental health. While gaining understanding as to how the mind and its belief systems are the core of creating our reality. We will deep dive into root cause therapy, shadow work, energy healing, inner child healing, and more.


Our main focus will be self empowerment and providing the tools and guidance that will allow you to take control of your mind and ultimately create the reality you wish to experience. This unique approach to mental health takes you deep within the depths of psychology while also incorporating energy healing.

We will participate in activities such as:

-Educational workshops

- Group activities


and of course we will have to add in some FUN!

Limited Spaces Available!

This retreat offers a variety budget friendly options starting at $405.  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included for the length of the retreat. 

For more information please fill out the form below!

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