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Mountain Range

Jasper, Arkansas

Women's Mental Health Mountain Retreat

Let's Break the Rules on Healing!

Retreat Information

Thanks for considering our upcoming retreat in Jasper, Arkansas.


During your 4 day 3 night stay, we will bring together the fundamentals of psychology and energy healing to gain a brand new perspective on ourselves. We will put an emphasis on Shadow work (diving deep within the self to get to the root of our cyclic behaviors and experiences), inner child work, Chakras (from a unique and applicable perspective), and understanding/rewiring the mind. Many tools will be given and it is my intention for each and every participant to leave feeling as though they have a completely renewed level of confidence and self worth. 

This retreat will be full of useful activities to include:


-Educational workshops

-Group activities and games

-Group meditations

-Healthy meals

And of course we can't forget the fun! We will be getting out in nature to explore as often as our itinerary will allow.


A healthy breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided for you daily along with specialty beverages such as fresh squeezed fruit juices and organic herbal teas. 


Each participant will also recieve an autographed copy of my book “Journey Back to Myself” to take with them as a continued guide for their healing journey. 


You will also have the option to get a complimentary private 13 sign astrology reading to help you understand yourself from a deeper level. 13 sign astrology is an ancient and more accurate version of astrology that can be very helpful in helping us to see ourselves more clearly. 




The cost for participation depends on the bed you choose.



                                                                                    Private King bedroom : $650

                                                                                      Private Queen Bedroom: $550

                                                                                  Full size bed (shared room): $455

                                                                                  Bunk bed (shared room): $405


















Oct 11th-14th

Private King Bedroom: $650

Private Queen Bedroom: $550

Full Size Bed (shared room): $455

Bunk Bed (shared room): $405

Sept 20th-23rd
October 25th-28th

Private King Bedroom: $650

Private Queen Bedroom: $550

Full Sized bed (shared room): $455

Bunk bed (shared room): $405

If booking a private room, you may choose to add an additional guest for $150 more with the understanding that you will be sharing your room with your guest. 

We will arrive on  Friday late afternoon and check out Monday. 


Transportation to the cabin is not provided.


We will be staying in a 3 story river front cabin in the middle of nature in Jasper, AR. 


If you would like to reserve your spot I have a couple options to try  and make things affordable for everyone. 


You can do a full upfront payment.


OR you can do a payment plan which entails 25% of cost up front and pay the remainder no later than 30 days in advance. (Those who place deposits but do not pay the remaining balance by the deadline will lose their deposit.)

To arrange a Payment Plan please send an email to:

Or fill out the contact form 


You can learn more about the host of this wellness retreat  

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